Wardrobe Shake Up! Quirky Colour Combinations For Summer.

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Jordi Wood wearing sky blue and red summer colour combination.

Ok we all know for a wardrobe to be successful we need lots of neutrals and base colours and we aren’t going to tell you otherwise. However, this Summer it is time to give your black, navy, white and beige (aka) “safe colours” a shake up and by shake up we mean a quirky colour overhaul! 

Now we aren’t saying that the classic combos of black and white, navy and red and other predictable colour combinations aren’t stylish or fashionable. All we are saying is they aren’t the only ways to wear colour this Summer. Maybe next time you reach for your accessories you may like to rethink and add a touch of quirkiness to your look.

In recent seasons we have seen a surge of colour into stores that was often hard to find, like yellow, mint, orange and pink. Therefore, playing with colour has never been easier. All you need is some colour inspiration, visual reminders and a sense of fun as you play with your style. And guess what? We have done the work for you!

This summer give your style a shake up – try some edgy, quirky colour combinations and watch your wardrobe take on a whole new look.

Below are two examples of quirky colour combinations that we are loving this Summer, you may like to try one of these or pick one from the list below.



SKY BLUE AND RED: (as seen on Jordi top right)


Remember: Always wear colour combinations that suit your personal colour palette. 


Vibrant Concept Autumn Palettes: (like Sam) need; warm, low contrast, muted colour combinations.

Vibrant Concept Winter Palettes: (like Jordi) need; high contrast, cool, clear colour combinations.

Vibrant Concept Summer Palettes: need; cool, pretty, soft, low contrast colour combinations.

Vibrant Concept Spring Palettes: need; warm, vibrant, clear, high contrast colour combinations.

TIP: Keep it simple – don’t overdo it with too many accessories and prints. Remember the style statement here in this trend is the quirky and unexpected colour combination.

Feeling confident?? Here are a few more quirky combinations to try:

  • quirky-combosEmerald Green and Tan
  • Orange and Lilac
  • Khaki and Aqua
  • Cream and Mint
  • Navy and Blush

With Love

Sam and Jordi Xx

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Sam and Jordi Woods

Once you’ve met Sam Woods, it’s hard not to catch her infectious passion for dressing to match your own lifestyle, personality and charisma. It’s why she’s shared the limelight alongside the likes of Gok Wan, Sally Obermeder and Westfield to name a few. Through her consultancy ‘Vibrant Concepts’, Sam has transformed the lives of hundreds from everyday legends to corporate giants. Sam’s 30 years of knowledge and experience has been passed down to her daughter Jordi who with her own unique style, fresh approach and love of all VC stands for is a “chip off the old block” (only younger & cuter)! Let Sam & Jordi show you how to look and feel fabulous everyday – learn the art of illusion dressing, colour matching, styling, translating fashion trends and savvy shopping with their unique styling systems and services that are truly personal and really work!

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