Summer Body Confidence – More Than A Swimsuit Style!

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With Summer only weeks away and holiday season just around the corner it is time to “take the plunge” and face the fact that “baring the bod” is inevitable.

If we want to truly enjoy the beautiful Summer we are fortunate enough to have here in Australia then we must face the fact that – less clothing is needed and more self confidence is required!

Every season we are asked to write a blog to help clients find the best swimwear for their shape (which we do and here is this Summer’s swimwear blog; Shopping Swimwear For Your Shape).

However, quiet often it takes more than dressing to suit your body shape to feel confident when wearing minimum clothing in public.

There is no doubt that wearing a bathing suit that is perfect for your body shape is essential but we are kidding ourselves if we feel this will solve all of our “baring the body” confidence issues. So this article we are sharing some extra tips, and along with the correct swimwear styling will assist you in feeling confident and carefree this Summer.

How to creat body confidence and a positive mindset: asos-2

  • Enhance your natural beauty with colour! This is our mantra for a reason…mother nature new what she was doing and we MUST stop fighting her and start respecting the beauty she gave us (we all have it!).

    Wearing colours that compliment our complexion, features and personality will not only make us look more radiant (especially when not wearing any makeup and possibly wet hair at the beach!) they will energise us and help us feel comfortable in our own skin as we will be being true to ourselves.

    If a colour makes you cringe there is probably a good physical and often emotional reason why, the same is true if a colour makes you smile!

  • Accept who you are: Your flaws, your flawlessness and everything in between. Be grateful and spend your mental energy on the wonderful things you have, NOT the imperfections that possibly only you see. Yep, life really is too short to waste anytime that isn’t ultimately making you happy.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others: enough said.
  • BANISH negative thoughts, they serve you NO purpose!
  • Enhance your assets (and illusion dress the rest): Learn the dressing skills required to camouflage what you don’t want attention drawn to. We always say we aren’t really just stylists – we are more like dressing magicians, everything is just smoke and mirrors!
  • Be thankful for what your body does for you: think about it, our body takes a lot of physical wear and tear everyday and still it performs as best it can for us. It seems only fair we help it and feed it not only with good food and regular exercise, but also some TLC in the emotional department and how we speak to it. Seriously, we would never speak to someone we love as badly and as often as we speak to ourself.
  • Understand that no one is perfect and that our perceived “imperfections” are what makes us unique and beautiful.
  • Have no bad distractions: ie. make sure swimwear (in fact all clothing) is not too small or too large, flatters your figure and highlights your personal assets.
  • Have a positive attitude and everything around you will appear more positive. Try and find something good (as hard as it may be) in a situation, your appearance, your life and you will be mazed at how powerful a positive mind set can be.

    Maybe even try saying positive affirmations (you don’t have to believe them you just need to say them), the mind is very powerful and it will subconsciously take them in. You could be very surprised at the outcomes. Maybe try: “I am beautiful, strong and I love my body” – how wonderful is that, bet you are smiling in no time.

  • Write a “grateful for” list: This will not only set your thoughts in a positive direction it can also serve as a reminder if ever “negative Nelly” appears in your head.
  • Be persistent with your positive thoughts: It takes 21 days to create a habit (good or bad)… chances are you have been talking negatively to yourself for much longer than 21 days. Be PERSISTENT with positive thoughts and self talk; you will thank yourself ten fold later!

asos-3Feeling confident is not something that will happen over night… Like anything worthwhile – it requires time, persistence and commitment, but be assured it is worth the effort for long term, sustainable happiness with one’s self.

By reading this blog, thinking positively and deciding to change your mindset you have created a COMMITMENT to yourself and you deserve to enjoy the benefits.

If you do find yourself slipping and thinking negatively or are in need of a confidence boost check out our Facebook Page for daily inspiration or if you need some style help to ensure you are making the best choices for you – use the discount code (only linked to this blog): SC241 to receive 50% off our Online Colour & Online Body Analysis for a full Colour and Body report, charts and manuals. (valid until 1 January 2017)

Vibrantly yours,

Sam and Jordi xx

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Sam and Jordi Woods

Once you’ve met Sam Woods, it’s hard not to catch her infectious passion for dressing to match your own lifestyle, personality and charisma. It’s why she’s shared the limelight alongside the likes of Gok Wan, Sally Obermeder and Westfield to name a few. Through her consultancy ‘Vibrant Concepts’, Sam has transformed the lives of hundreds from everyday legends to corporate giants. Sam’s 30 years of knowledge and experience has been passed down to her daughter Jordi who with her own unique style, fresh approach and love of all VC stands for is a “chip off the old block” (only younger & cuter)! Let Sam & Jordi show you how to look and feel fabulous everyday – learn the art of illusion dressing, colour matching, styling, translating fashion trends and savvy shopping with their unique styling systems and services that are truly personal and really work!

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