Busy Mum Style Tips: How to get out the door stylishly and stay sane!

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Whether you are a stay at home mum, business woman, student or an everyday woman who leads a busy life, I am sure you can relate to the early morning rush!

Many of us try to cram so much into our mornings before we head out the door that we can find picking an outfit, doing our hair and applying make up often get pushed down the list of priorities. Ultimately, this can leave us with not enough time, setting up ourselves feeling drab, frazzled and “unstylish” all day.

As stylists we have had to master the “get stylish without stress”, and have also taught many clients how to do the same.

Below are 10 tips that we not only preach we also practise daily. Not to say some days we only manage a few of the tips, however, even ticking off some of these tips will have you in a far more stylish and sane position than if you just throw your morning routine to luck and chance!

10 Tips To Get You Out The Door In Style

1. Plan Ahead: 

I (Jordi) always look at my next day’s schedule and plan my outfit and food the night before. I then lay my clothes and shoes out so I can step right into them, keep my food in an allocated section in the fridge and always have my diary and appointment manuals in a pile so I can grab and run…knowing with confidence that everything is there.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 10.45.49 AM2. The Bare Minimum: 

A touch of makeup will give your complexion a fresh finish and help you look less tired. Try our 5 minute makeover (page 81. of Stylish, Sexy and Sane…in 30 days) or as a minimum apply a coat of lip stick or tinted gloss, this will give the face instant colour and vibrancy. We guarantee you will feel better for it!

3. Minimise ironing time: 

When purchasing clothes, choose fabrics wisely. If you don’t like to spend time ironing opt for items with a percentage of wool, silk, polyester or micro fibre, they will keep you warm or cool (depending on the season and percentage) and require minimal effort in the laundry room.

IMG_20160512_1456344. Dry Shampoo: 

This is one of my (Jordi) “go to” products as I train most mornings and washing my hair everyday is just not possible nor necessary. Dry shampoo takes the “oily” look out of the hair and I find it gives it great volume, perfect for a messy top knot!! (Sam’s) “go to” is the art of “teasing” her hair at the crown which creates height and adds glamour to a low or high pony.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.07.05 AM

5. Try Something Other Than Jeans: 

This can be a hard one as jeans are; a) easy  b) comfy c) acceptable for most casual occasions. However, to avoid getting stuck in a denim Winter Style Rut (see blog for more ideas) try leggings and a skirt, a maxi dress or maybe a textured pant other than denim.

6. Be Prepared: 

Schedule your morning activities and make sure you allow 15 minutes for incidentals; if you are running ahead of schedule you can spend a bit of extra time with your kids, doing your hair or checking your emails. Warning; don’t use this extra time to cram more in and ultimately run late!

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.17.17 AM7. Add a style touch: 

This will make you feel modern and stylish, and it does not have to be something hard.

Try; swapping your converse for an ankle boot, updating your wallet, tying a scarf around the handle of your handbag.

8. Prioritise: 

Does the dish washer really have to be emptied before you leave? Make sure you put yourself as a priority, the clean dishes won’t go anywhere and no one is going to see them!

Accessories-Jeanswest9. Accessory Necessity: 

Want to feel like you have a bit of an edge? Add an accessory, it is an essential to finish an outfit and help express your personal style!

Try; a pair of crystal stud earrings, funky watch, printed scarf, layers of necklaces or a cuff. For more inspiration check out our Top 10 Accessories to update your Autumn/Winter wardrobe HERE

10. Ask for help: 

As women we try to take on everything, it may be hard at first but learn to delegate. Ask the kids to put their washing away or feed the dog, ask your partner if he can make you a coffee…don’t sacrifice feeling fab by putting yourself last all the time.

Let those you love (and that love you) know it is important for you to feel good about yourself and that having their help and support means a lot just as in turn you are also happy to help them.

Vibrantly yours,

Sam & Jordi. xx


Images by: Jeanswest (main image) Sussan, Sportsgirl, Wanted, Wittner, Forever New

Sam and Jordi Woods

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